Some Reasons To Choose The GraceNet...



Our hosting facility is equipped with every amenity a customer could ask for, including a 24/7 knowledgeable onsite staff, high-tech security, HVAC environmental systems, digital surveillance, and conditioned uninterruptible power.  Our server racks feature fully louvered individually locking doors, high-powered fans and bottom ventilation ducts.


The GraceNet maintains a comprehensive security, maintenance, and upgrade service to keep your site safe and at top performance. It is a combination of software and skilled human manpower that has been a behind the scenes savior of our client's web sites since 1994. It allows you to focus on what's vital to you rather than on the stability of your web host.


Many of the items The GraceNet manages would take precious hours out of your day if you had to deal with them yourself or be very expensive when handed over to an employee or consultant. Some issues could take hours or days to rectify.


GraceNet "Relentless" Monitoring Benefits You These Ways:


  • • Helps stop Hackers by keeping your data secure
  • • Manages dozens of issues you never even know about
  • • Proactive monotoring to assure ervers stay at peak performance
  • • Eliminates your need for expensive technical employees
  • • Eliminates the added costs that these problems would incur


Energy surges, rolling blackouts or complete loss of power is not a concern, as our facility provides uninterruptible power supplies and back-up generators capable of running indefinitely.


Our facility is cooled with the use of industry standard 12 inch raised floors and down flow air conditioning units.  Power Distribution Units that supply the clean power from UPSs to all the cabinets allow each cabinet to be individually monitored.  For added security, there is a digital camera system, custom designed to monitor every entrance into and out of the facility, every hallway, and every individual cabinet.  Additionally, there is a high security card key system, which monitors and limits access to secure areas in the facility.


Server Updates

Nothing keeps your server more stable and secure than keeping the software and Operating System up to date. At The GraceNet, our engineers work diligently to assess the stability of new software releases and security patches. Frequently, senior staff compiles their own patches and enhancements to open source software. These enhancements are tested by our team of Quality Control Engineers on The GraceNet test network


After being fully tested and qualified, new software releases and patches are installed on every server in The GraceNet network..


If and when any operating system software becomes non-upgradable, we will proactively arrange to migrate our clients to a new server with all the latest features and security.


By default, we automatically update the following:

· Apache (Secure and regular)
· MySql
· Perl
· Sendmail
· Linux Operating System
· Linux Kernel

These updates are vital to the survival of your web site. Keeping up with the rapidly changing technology that drives this sector can be made much easier with The GraceNet.


We want to partner with you to make your web experience a success. Join The GraceNet in our efforts to make the internet a place where God is honored.