About The GraceNet...

The GraceNet went online in October, 1994 making us the very first Christian hosting company and one of the oldest Christian About Ussites of any kind on the Internet. In fact, when we appeared on the net, there was no such thing as a web browser like FireFox or Internet Explorer. Everything was done in a UNIX-like interface by typing commands.


From the beginning, our desire has been to enable those who have been redeemed through faith in Christ to have a safe place to impact the world, using the technology of the Internet. We want ministries, churches, Christian individuals, families and businesses to have the very best in hosting services. You do not have to choose between quality and a Christian host.


Because The GraceNet is our ministry, we are committed to providing the finest in Christian Web Hosting services in a God-honoring manner. You can contact us readily and talk to "real people" who have your best interests at heart. Let us partner with you to make your web site the best it can be.


The GraceNet tithes on all income and supports domestic and foreign missions and ministries with its funds and resources. We also provide web hosting at reduced rates or no charge to ministries around the world.


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, The GraceNet has grown into a first-class hosting provider with performance to match. We are confident you will be unable to find services and support superior to ours at any price, much less at the amazingly low rates we offer.


We are committed to seeing ministries and Christians succeed in their web presence while partnering with them in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Please come join us in our effort to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.