Talking About The GraceNet...

GraceNet has always been a great host to my site and is tremendously helpful each time I need assistance ~ Jo, Web Designer in LA


I love working with GraceNet. I will always use them for my webhosting needs ~ Greg, Web Designer in AL


I just wanted to state that the Gracenet technical support is the best customer service/technical support that I have ever dealt with. The support team should teach all other customer service departments and technical support departments. Please tell them how much I appreciate their assistance, their patience, and their honesty. ~ Nick, Attorney in AL


Thank you for the wonderful work you do for us, You have no idea of the multitudes who have trusted Christ as their Savior through our website, of which you are a part by providing it! ~ Max, Pastor in MN


Thank you again for your fantastic and prompt service. I really appreciate that I can call and talk directly to a live person and everyone has been so helpful. ~ Elaine


I was very pleased to find that you support all the technology we use and I wanted to tell you that GraceNet is not only a great Christian host, but simply, a great host. I feel blessed by your service. ~John


Awesome job Gracenet and very quick response time. It is so rare for there to ever be a problem that I tend to never even think it is possible to happen. 99.9% up time is so true with your company. Thanks for being a great hosting company. ~David


I congratulate you for some of the finest customer service I have ever seen.  I wish more folks cared for their customers the way you do. ~ Hirsch


Thank you for all your help in hosting our web site.  We have been able to bring help of various kinds to the people of Haiti because of the creation of our web site.  It has allowed us to do more than we ever could to further God's work in Haiti and I appreciate greatly the part you play in this effort. ~ Bill


Thanks GraceNet! Nancy and I enjoy using your professional and Christian-based web hosting service for our book website; Godbless you. ~Wayne


I've always been pleased with your services.  I have 2 other sites, plus a band website that is hosted by you.  I recommend you to everyone that needs a site. Your support is outstanding and your uptime is outstanding as well.  Your company is very flexible and easy to work with. ~ Tim


GraceNet has been exceptional!  The service is excellent and the server performance is also excellent.  We have been with GraceNet for over 6 years and I would recommend them to any Christian organization.  I'm also an IBM Systems Programmer and understand how important service and availability are to the customer. ~ Gary


I am writing to let you know I am very satisfied with your hosting service for the 3 sites I now manage and will soon be adding a 4th.  I have nothing but praise for your customer service as my last hosting service was lacking in that department altogether. ~ Raleigh


It is a joy to know that Christians run The GraceNet.  I have had to call several times and when I do, I am placed on hold to hear Christian music. When I talk to the Customer Service reps, there is the connection that they know Jesus personally. There is the love there that Jesus is Lord over the business.  I'm so glad to have my site hosted with The GraceNet. ~ Ron


"I know I can get web hosting other places but I could never get service like this anywhere else"
-Teacher in Georgia


Just to let you all know... My Company has been using GraceNet for YEARS for many very large corporate sites ... We use them for about a dozen sites we manage because of the GREAT customer service ... we can ALWAYS get quick resolution to my occasional "oops" events I cause. I love this company! ~Marc


I moved our pages to Gracenet. I'm glad to have a Christian site to host us. G*-D**** was disgusting in it's advertising. ~Michael


Your service is exemplary. I love GraceNet.  You are fast, efficient, and I would recommend your service to any and all church and Christian related organizations. You communicate but don't bombard. You are helpful but don't intimidate. I can not say enough positive things about the service provided and I thank my Lord everyday for providing my church and me, as a Communications Director, the services of such an awesome company. ~ Michael


"You guys are superb! I wish nothing but the Lord's blessings upon you. I recommend GraceNet to everyone I can."
-Webmaster in Alabama


One of the oldest hosts. . .and definitely the BEST! ~Linda


"You have been so helpful. I will be sharing The GraceNet with all my contacts in the ministry. Your involvement is truly 'grace' oriented."
-Pastor in California


I continue to strongly suggest to those churches whose web sites I create and maintain to host with GraceNet. ~ Glenn


I invested in GraceNet knowing that God will use and continue to use your faithfulness to Him and the technology He has provided for His use. Thank you for providing this service. I have told many people about Grace Net and encour

aged them to consider moving their site. ~Doug


One thing we can depend on in life is that you people always jump right on our concerns and take care of things as soon as possible.  Thanks again. ~ Barbara


When we saw the prices on The GraceNet, we could not help but take a hosting plan.  The GraceNet staff is great and is willing to work with you honestly, unlike other hosting providers.  Thanks GraceNet! ~ Norm


Thanks you guys! Your help always has been timely every time I need your help with the website hosting issue.  You are a blessing to me as I'm sure you have been for many other GraceNet clients. ~ Sara


You guys are the best!! ~Janet


Just had to come back and THANK YOU folks so much for the QUICK response to my question.  The speed in which my question was answered is almost unheard of in today's market place! ~ William


We are very very pleased and blessed to have found your web hosting service. Your customer support is always exceptional, your site is so easy to navigate, and we have never experienced any problems that you couldn't solve. We've been with Gracenet since 2003 I believe, and our companies wish to thank you for all that you do to make our work easier. God Bless you. ~Charlene


Thank you for AWESOME service over the years and all the years to come. You guys are great! ~Melissa


You know what is so refreshing to me about your ministry?  Whenever there is a problem, the team rallies to solve it and whenever there is a mistake made, you take responsibility.  Sadly, that is not a common experience in business.  Many thanks for the reminder that integrity is more important than always appearing to have it together.  You have just gone up another notch in my estimation. ~ Steve


Your help has been beyond fantastic in helping me go live.  Thank you. ~ Eloy


As far as I am concerned, my presence on the internet is interconnected with how long GraceNet will be on the internet. I have often thought that I could not imagine looking for another host. I pray for GraceNet, the staff, the equipment, and everything associated with GraceNet--and I am in your corner. ~Tracy


I have to tell you how delighted we are to be with The GraceNet.  We've had such problems with other web hosts over the years. We are extremely happy here.  In fact, we are thinking of getting a larger website from you when our contract expires early next year with our current "deadbeat" host and moving our entire website over to GraceNet for good! ~ Pamela


Thank you for being a fabulous host! ~Diane


Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service.  I came from a large hosting company out in California that provided terrible service and NEVER notified of IP or server changes or outages.  It's wonderful to be with a company that takes its customer's sites into consideration when things are done.  I love GraceNet! ~ Jason


Your service is excellent.  I would rate your service with a 10 on a 1-10 scale. ~ Martin


I've really enjoyed having my web site with GraceNet. I've recommended you to many others since I've been more than pleased with the service and tech support. You folks rock!  ~ Linda


"I just want to thank you at GraceNet for your exceptional efforts. There is a lot more to a good relationship than lowest price, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. I do appreciate The GraceNet."
-Businessman in Arizona


We really appreciate your willingness to work with us.  Customer service seems to be a thing of the past with many companies, so it's nice to know that The GraceNet values their customers. ~ Lisa


We had a bad first time web hosting service with a dishonest company before coming to GraceNet.  We have come to think of GraceNet as a Family.  Some very fine people have helped us right from the start and they got us up and running in no time.  Thank you all at GraceNet for being so kind and understanding with us.  We plan to be with GraceNet for a long, long time. ~ Arthur


I absolutely love GraceNet and indeed feel like I am apart of the family. God Bless! ~Cassandra


You NEVER abandon us when we have problems. In fact when we have problems, you take ours on yourself and fix them for us. So we are here for you...if only by prayer! ~Stan


"You guys at GraceNet are the best. I goofed, you fixed, all is fine."
-Ministry in Massachusettes


I just wanted to thank you for such great service.  My time here has been flawless and a very good experience.  I am so happy there is a place out there like this! ~ Karen


On behalf of all the accounts I represent, I am so grateful to be a part of The GraceNet.  You have always been so professional and it is so good to see your commitment to the Lord and faithfulness to Him.  God bless you. ~ Irene


We have the best host in the world. Praise God for His love and protection in all circumstances. Thank you for all of the extra effort and support for all of us. Love in Christ, ~Betty


Your patience and understanding has been phenomenal and unexpected. I truly recommend GraceNet to everyone and am proud to use you as my host."
-Reseller in Virginia