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Malware has become an epidemic and the onslaught of attacks shows no sign of abating. Instead, it is getting worse by the day. Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, home & office networks are all under attack by hackers every minute of every day . Despite installing the latest software updates on our computers, attacks and infections still prevail. Sourcefire research indicates that in many organizations up to 10% of all computers are infected at any given time.



Blocked By Google

  • What's At Risk For You?

  • • Without warning your web site is BLOCKED by Google and/or other search engines
  • • Suddenly, people no longer trust your site
  • • Your site is blacklisted for Phishing attacks
  • • Anti-virus lists start blocking your web site
  • • Email you send never arrives or bounces
  • • Your entire web presence is virtually GONE.
• High costs of site repair to get back online


  • How Could This Happen?


    Damaged Computer


    Who can explaine the mind of a malicious hacker who simply wants to prove that he or she can weasel their way into your web site. Sometime all they will do is replace your home page with their own. Sometimes they will earase all your files. Sometimes they will quietly insert malicious code to gather peoples info or to direct them to a different site where they can be exploited.

  • And, all too often, YOUR site suffers the consequences.






It's About The Money!!!Smashed

Another reason a hacker will break into your web site is to quietly insert code that contains bogus bank or financial info. They then send out thousands of emails warning the recipient that their account is in danger and telling them to go to their account and login. BUT... the person actually gets sent to YOUR web site where the hacker has files setup to gather their financial info.


RESULT??? The hacker gets people's account info and their money while YOU get blocked for Phishing.

And, YOU are stuck with the high costs of getting your site repaired and all the work to get the site removed from blacklists.


We can help shield you from this growing threat for less than 30 cents a day!!!


OK, this sounds great but just how much time and work does this take me?
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