GraceNet's Free Domain Name Policy...

What Is A Domain Name Anyway?


A domain is a "one-of-a-kind" website address. No one else has it. It has a suffix such as .com or .org and makes it possible for people to find your web site easily and repeatedly.

When you pay for your MegaByte Mania plan annually, The GraceNet includes free domain name registration!


Applies only to .com  .net  .org  .biz  .info  .us domains


That's right! When you sign up for our current MegaByte Mania offering, you don't have to worry about domain name registration. We'll take care of it for you. That means we purchase the domain name, register it, and manage the settings for you.  And, when you renew your hosting, we automatically renew your domain name for you. The GraceNet takes the confusion out of domain name registration.


Unlike free web sites, which tend to have a long web address such as such as, a GraceNet site offers a totally unique domain such as This makes your site appear more stable and professional. People who visit your site will find the address simpler and much easier to remember.


The GraceNet will take care of the expense and administrative red tape that comes with domain name management. Other web hosts charge up to $35 a year for a domain name registration, and then they even want you to figure out how to make the domain work with your web site. The GraceNet will configure your domain name to work with your web site on our servers.


You won't have to worry about complicated issues like "DNS settings" or remembering to renew your domain. We'll remind you when the time comes. When you renew your hosting by the due date, we'll renew the domain name too. Your web site hosting and domain name are both renewed at the same time. It couldn't be much simpler.


But, What If My Domain Name Is Already Registered?


Good question.  All you have to do is transfer that domain name to The GraceNet and once it is in our system, it will be free to you as long as your MegaByte Mania annual hosting is active and paid annually.


Note:  If for some reason you cancel your hosting plan at any time, you will be charged for the domain name registration at our normal rates of $17 per year.  As long as your hosting is paid and in effect at The GraceNet, you will receive your domain name at no cost. You can take the name with you (transfer it)... you will just need to pay the $17 registration fee at that time. The name is ALWAYS free if you host with us.